Mission and Vision

Musea & Erfgoed Mechelen (Museums & Heritage Mechelen) combines museum activities (research, collection, management, making the collection available to the public) with heritage activities (heritage policy, networking, support, knowledge and expertise building and sharing, the work of volunteers). This synergy means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Currently Musea & Erfgoed Mechelen is transforming the Burgundian city palace, Hof van Busleyden, into a modern-day city museum, thus giving meaning to the city’s history.

The museum is a meeting place for the residents of Mechelen and tourists alike, for heritage and other cultural stakeholders, for researchers, artists and associations. The dynamic that this interaction creates is reinforced by museum objects, from our collection as well as from others. We actively mediate between visitors, partner researchers and artists to give meaning to the city, starting from universal urban themes (history, diversity, crafts and history). Mechelen in essence forms our collection and the museum’s story is developed through two-way communication.

Our Mechelen collection is preserved in Depot Rato. We develop expertise about conservation and management for Mechelen and the region with our depot activities. In order to promote networking and partnerships, however, we also focus on other things, besides our museum site and our depot.

The Lamot Heritage Centre is where we gather heritage and other partners to implement a heritage policy for the city and region. Besides being our home base, it also acts as the base for our team of volunteers. It is the perfect venue for organising seminars to study and reflect on heritage, with national and international experts, in order to strengthen our activities and this expertise with the sector as a whole.